How do I fix a mistake?

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How do I fix a mistake?

Postby Doug Coulter » Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:12 pm

Thomas Edison's museum passes out pencils without erasers to make a point - no one is mistake-free, and it's obvious with them - use one for awhile.

Sometimes in reloading you'll make a mistake - it happens. If you're observant, and lucky perhaps, you'll notice and know you've now got some ammo, with valuable parts, that you just shouldn't shoot (or can't). What to do?
(It might not have been your own might have scored cheap parts badly put together)
I was going to make almost this exact same video, but it popped up after watching one of my own - funny thing, gun guys tend to be honest and sharing. Since this is so good, it deserves more attention here - were I to do one, I'd leave out that odd Forster die (since I have never heard of it and can't find them to buy), but that's about how different it would be. I have both the impact puller - his comments are true on that one - hitting something solid works better, but I use a locust stump instead of a vise anvil, because you can break the plastic, as well as the collet puller, which is heaven if you have to do a lot of ammo. ... seATywTWTM

I might have to make my own if we "go monetize" this stuff - but it'd be just the same as this one anyway with only slight differences in style... Thanks, man!

One of the things you find out in this game is that gun guys tend to be stable, cool, sharing, nice. Think about it a little bit. If you're messed up and into guns - you're likely to win some variation of the Darwin award fairly quickly. The rest of us are darn good people. Remember when the compliment "he's a straight shooter" really meant something? It still does in some circles.

Pro-tip - some people do quite well with what they call "Mex-Match". (no, I'm not a racist and I don't think they are either). To make this, you get some mil surplus ammo, pull the crud bullets out of them, either reuse the powder or not, and put in good bullets after neck sizing them. It's kind of halfway between not caring (and losing every time in competition) and going all out. It's almost the least-work and cost way to do a lot better than most factory stuff.

Protip #2 - and this is important - it's irresponsible to just throw away loaded ammo that has "issues" - someone may find it and get hurt, since they don't know. Don't do it! Take it apart first so it's not ammo anymore, and then ditch what you don't want to keep.
Posting as just me, not as the forum owner. Everything I say is "in my opinion" and YMMV -- which should go for everyone without saying.
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