Fitting scope to weird gun mount

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Fitting scope to weird gun mount

Postby Doug Coulter » Sat Jan 15, 2011 6:02 pm

Project du jour:

Take a Carbon-15, which has a very weird mount rail, and make a long eye relief scope mount on it. Here's the issue -- a regular set of rings won't clamp down to the .680" wide rail on the thing. A scope made for .22 rails won't open wide enough. There's not enough spare meat on the gun to reduce that rail width for .22 rings either. I had almost resorted to making rings out of some big solid chunk of something, but the local shop had Millett rings that looked modifiable, so I went that way and saved some hours. The clamping bits merely needed a lot of material hogged out, which I did with a special mill bit I'd gotten to make dovetails with. So, a bit of setup on the mill, and here we are. Now, I'm not sure this gun is strictly speaking "useful" outside of close quarter combat, where it would be the quickest draw possible from a chest strap, better/quicker than any carbine, sure is the envy of every gun-oriented teenager for miles around here. That short a barrel with .223 rounds makes it the second loudest gun I own (I also own a .50 bmg), and a muzzle flash that reminds one of the old Sgt Rock comics, so at any rate, knocking off cans and pop bottles in rapid fire -- it's fun to shoot. It will take a 60 gr Nosler partition to the 2600-2700 fps range, so it could be used for some hunting I suppose, but I have better stuff for that (or so I think). Unless you're worried about a pack of charging wolves or coyotes, other things are probably better. On the other hand, the one you have with you is always the best one, and this is very light and handy to say the least.

This probably will never be shot for super high accuracy with the scope cranked. But a tip for any other old eyes around here -- this at 2x is far quicker and better than irons are. Everything in focus at the same time really rules, and at 2x, it's very quick to pick up the sight picture. At 6x....well, you might find a use off some support but you'd probably be kidding yourself.

Scoped Carbon 15 -=- fun!
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