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It appears some of us are interested in the business of trading, hopefully for both fun and profit.
Here's a place to talk about that. I suggest two main categories. How to trade (timeless), and what are you trading now, and why, and how it turned out. Those tend to be missing from the pro boards, so pundits can have selective memory....but that's not all that is important. Being wrong is part of the game, and how to handle it and make money anyway is crucial, for just one example.
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Postby fusordoug » Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:54 pm

This is a place for us to discuss market trading -- whether the stock markets, derivatives, commodities, physical to buy and sell and make money at it. It appears a few of us have some talent and interest in this, so why not -- it's technical in at least once sense. Personally, it's how this is funded, and I do it all day, every day.

I'll move that "book" I started in water cooler over here when I figure out how to do it and not lose it.

Ok, got it.

Now, y'all chime in, this isn't supposed to be a one way board! Even "I got it wrong" is useful information for others -- they might just want to avoid your mistakes. Just be honest. That way, we'll have something no other board that talks finance has -- actual results, and honesty about approach without selective memory that only records the winners.

In truth, you can make plenty good money with even a 50% win rate if you do good money management....and it's not so hard to get 60-70% win rates. Going for more than that is always fun, but no one really does it reliably. So the real key is in other things most of the time.
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