Another good history of particle physics

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This is for info on what books or literature are good, and where to find them. Personally, links to expensive papers where the abstract promises the world, but the paper doesn't deliver (the norm) are deprecated...We want to know about the good stuff here, rather than pay taxes once for the research, then enrich a greedy publisher once again who didn't really contribute value and has already made money on the journal the article appeared in. There are exceptions, but they are few indeed.

Another good history of particle physics

Postby Doug Coulter » Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:32 pm

I liked this in a similar way to "A fly in a Cathedral". It's about the early years in the US accelerator business, the MURA efforts, and has quite a lot of interesting history on how things were done and how the players interacted. Kind of how "they held their mouth" to make things work with what they have. There's a fair amount of similarity to how some of us here work, so I thought to share it.

Cole on Accelerators

For those hip to our library, I just now realized that the entire directory on accelerators wasn't visible to unprivileged users (eg everyone but me). Fixed that, look for ParticleAccel under FusionPapers.
Just glad I didn't have to spend another week uploading all that -- it's huge and has some good stuff in it. The above is the least example of that, but it's fun reading.
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