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Info on what books or literature are good, and how to find them.
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This is for info on what books or literature are good, and where to find them. Personally, links to expensive papers where the abstract promises the world, but the paper doesn't deliver (the norm) are deprecated...We want to know about the good stuff here, rather than pay taxes once for the research, then enrich a greedy publisher once again who didn't really contribute value and has already made money on the journal the article appeared in. There are exceptions, but they are few indeed.

PDF Search Engine Aid

Postby lutzhoffman » Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:30 pm


I stumbled onto this site, and I really enjoyed using it to research some things, in my case DPF (Dense Plasma Focus). The result was,
that it represented an very real search engine time saver, which allowed me to pretty much read more of what I wanted, best of all without having to click through so much endless bullshit, and commercial sales stuff etc. The only flaw seems to be, that the much hated "pay for info" sites, are sometimes still represented in the PDF collection. The strength is that much of the good technical information on the net, is found in the form of PDF's. Thus overall, this site still represents a substantial reduction in time, and clicking for me. So in a nutshell it is not a universal tool, but for some things, it is certainly very handy. Please See:

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Re: PDF Search Engine Aid

Postby David McKee » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:46 am

Another good site for find PDF's DOC's, EPUBS, power points and excels and the like is "Brupt"

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