Registration is invite-only again

Tales of woe that teach. We learn best through failure sometimes
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This is for tales of woe that teach. We often learn quickest through failure that shows us how our thinking was off, and of course, sometimes it's funny at least in hindsight. Share your "Doh!" moments here.

Registration is invite-only again

Postby fusordoug » Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:39 am

See title. For awhile anyway. We've picked up a bunch of new people and want to be sure we take good care of them with the resources we have.
The plan is to promote the new people to full user status when they show us their stuff.
Joiners who just add numbers to the member list who don't contribute anything or people who spam the board with BS - will be escorted to the door.
We want to keep this a high class experience for the "good guys" - quality, not quantity.

We'll see what we can learn from letting in this batch of people as regards that goal, IMO looks like we managed to catch some good ones, despite the bulk coming from social media.

If we missed you and you should be here, sorry about that. We'll open up registration again in the future, after we've sorted the new people we have, or you can contact me. I have to get on with doing the things that got me known in the first place, or I'll have nothing worthwhile to say myself!

What most may not realize is that open registration results in several hits or more per hour, some research work to find out "who is this" - searching for reports of web-wide spam and malware from that email or person, and so on. My fingers just wore out - the ratio was some large 2 digit number of losers to one possible good person, that was a lot of work and took all day every day. Doing that work is why the board isn't already full of scams, viagra, overunity HHO, magnet motors, joule thieves, or similar bull and is why it attracts people who just want to know true things.
Why guess when you can know? Measure!
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