Remote operating position - my new cockpit

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Remote operating position - my new cockpit

Postby Doug Coulter » Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:49 pm

Getting there, slow but sure. I have another fairly major machine to wire up (the low right screens are temporarily dummied with raspberry pis but will be driven by a more-or-less supercomputer as soon as I move it into place, as well as the top two in the quad, currently driven by an Intel Haswell nuc, but will be switchable) There will also be a hard-wired master control panel just under the clock for things like "shut this down right now no matter what" kinds of controls, regardless of computer status of any machine on either end. Computer data is all fiber-optically isolated, and for this shot, the HD cameras that will be looking at various parts of the fusor and fusor-proximate instruments are here in the room with me for testing and fiddling till I get it all just so. We had gotten it to the point of it being pretty easy to run in person, subjectively - just reach for a button, knob or valve once in awhile. But there are rather a lot of those, some only very rarely used (for example when something fails you might want to turn the vacuum pump or main power hard "off") so this all has to be thought out ahead of time for the situation where the fusor is ~ 70' away and you can't just run over there if it's making serious flux at the time. I haven't been posting much as most of this work is the boring "just turn the handle till the water comes out" kind of stuff more suited to a computer IT sysadmin journal than this board, has to be done, I'm the guy on the spot, it's getting done.
My new cockpit. I'd rather fly this than an F-anything.

Finally. Enough pixels!
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