Prediction: Rad detect supplies will be scarce for a while.

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Prediction: Rad detect supplies will be scarce for a while.

Postby George Dowell » Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:33 pm

I like radiation detection device's. All kinds.

Our last trip to my main suppliers, Lefty and Libby Socal out in California
yielded a trunk-full of gamma scintillator probes which I turned over
very quickly to the science hobby crowd. From $15 to about $50 for a new one (and big- all were NaITl)
150 pieces that load, before 3/11.

Now they called me with a few more and they want
$4000 plus shipping.
I told them I wouldn't buy them for that much nor would I sell them for that much even if I could get it.

Just last month at the Ludlum Measurements Users Groups the Pacific Rim sales director told me
Ludlums were going for 3 to 5 X retail since 3/11 in Japan/

Ludlums has put on extra shifts and had doubled production withing 30 days and continues to add staff and shifts to meet the demand.

Doubtful too many high
tech detectors will make themselves known to us, at least at hobby prices any time soon.

For the GEO 210 probe I bought new pancakes by the hundred and knew the fellow who ran the actual production line. Their operation was bought up by Schlumberger who wanted their He3 neutron detection production line. After only 1 more shipment my friend was gone and I was locked out- that's why no more GEO-210's.

We did a run of GEO-301's using Russian pancakes and they are good for gamma and beta, and a little alpha but no where near as good on alphas as the American pancakes. The Russian tubes are however very hardy. They are the tube of choice for over 8000' altitude.
Since 3/11 even these have gone dark for me.
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GEO-210 the Pikes Peak Prospector
NOT Fragile!
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