Nice chart of exposure and bio-effects examples

This is for medical uses of various "nuclear" things. Since they call it that, so will we, but this may include topics that are X ray based as well, for example.
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This is for medical uses of Nuclear-class things. Isotopes used for tracing, curing, X ray therapy, it all goes here if it's used in medicine.

Nice chart of exposure and bio-effects examples

Postby Doug Coulter » Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:34 am

Believe it or not, this was posted off topic on

And even though it's xkcd, it's not a comic. This is a good one for keeping things in perspective. Personally, I'm trying to keep my own exposures so they sum to no more than doubling the background I get anyway, with a limit per dose/day in the 1 millirem range. I don't get exposed every day, of course, and we do keep our calibration sources stored away from living quarters.

From here One Sv = 100 rem.

I got it converted to gif so it displays nicely here (and isn't too many bits).

Rad exposure chart from XKCD

To convert hourly rates to yearly multiply by 8766 (hours in the average year, or 365.25 days)
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