Example: Hello from SW Virginia, USA

Post here once you join, and tell us about yourself so we have a clue who we are talking to.
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Example: Hello from SW Virginia, USA

Postby Doug Coulter » Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:33 pm

Hello all!

My name is Doug Coulter, and I have a partner who is Bill Fain. We are both retired, sort of, and have decided to devote our time, skills, and means to pushing the art of fusors and fusion to the next level.
We are interested in nuclear physics, and all the other topics here on this board, and hope to make further contributions with the help of this forum. We have theories, but are primarily hands-on experimentalists in the quest to come up with theories that have predictive power about how to make fusion practical, rather than just a lab toy. We have some really decent gear, largely due to Bill's efforts to find it and bring it home, but are always looking for more, of course.

We have other interests as well, from music to hot-rods to competitive firearm shooting. And I spent a couple decades as a pro musician - as my real job.

We are hoping that by joining this collaboration that progress in fusion technique and theory will be accelerated over the current set of conditions that obtain now -- mostly big science stuck in preconceived notions and with different agendas, and a few hobbyists who mostly seem content to just follow a recipe and then never make much further progress. We don't care that much if we ourselves make the progress, though of course we are trying to as hard as we can. We'll be just as happy if someone else does, and happier if we helped. We believe this needs to get done, and that the big science guys aren't going to get there soon enough on their own.

I have a youtube channel here where I store any interesting videos. Not all may be linked to from this board, so if you want to see whatever I'm up to that I think is video worthy, check out
DCFusor's channel.

Now, that's actually all true in our case. But perhaps a little intimidating (else we'd be joining your forum :D ) for someone who would more likely say something like:

Hello, I'm a high school student named ($your_name) located ($someplace) and wanting to get started in one of the fields covered here -- I will read this forum for content, and ask some questions, as I have little gear to do things with and don't know really where to start, what to get first, and need some help with that, and some direction on how to achieve my own goals. If someone asks a question I know the answer to, I'll help answer it.


Which will result in a welcome message from one or more members and some advice so you can get started without wasting too much time and money -- some of these paths are well traveled, and one point of this place is to point those out - and which ones seem universal vs which ones are more controversial, but perhaps suitable for someone who uses "different strokes". Just copying others here is valuable to either reproduce their results, or not -- but better yet is to make your own path and come up with things the others haven't thought of at all. And not just talk about them, DO them. That's where the "many eyes" approach we're trying to promote here is a big winner.


Or your case might be completely different than those examples, which is the whole reason to introduce yourself so we know where you are coming from -- we can't help you as much without that knowledge.

Go for it! You can't win if you don't play.
Posting as just me, not as the forum owner. Everything I say is "in my opinion" and YMMV -- which should go for everyone without saying.
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