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Postby Doug Coulter » Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:48 am

Wow, .375? Shot placement? I guess I was overly engrossed in "what am I gonna do in a conflict with 3 bears jamming my one exit" (a separate problem with this building - the two exits are only a few feet apart) at very close range.
Who are gonna be pretty upset after the first shot and able to do real damage with one swipe of a paw. Solved that another way by encouraging them to be elsewhere..dumping some compost "over there" and super-cleaning my porch of anything they'd be interested in. A couple days, they learn fast, no problems. As long as they stay "fellow travelers" we don't have an issue. There's enough room for us all out here.

Accuracy is my personal thing, I guess. As Oehler said, it doesn't matter how much energy is in a bullet that misses. This BTW, makes me also really stink at shotgunning on flying stuff, as I aim..which takes too long when the clays are going away. I was only a little less embarrassed when I found out the gun I was using wasn't shot well even by others who are good at that. Inspection and patterning showed it to toss the tightest pattern any of us had ever seen (barely a pumpkin at 50 yards - more a group than a pattern). A Wingmaster...I did better with some Turkish over under I got on the cheap, but...I still aim (yes, I lead and so on, but it still takes too long). Reflexes are hard to overcome. I just never did get the muscle memory/training on shotguns to do it completely instinctively. Probably if I'd set up to reload those...but at the time, I already had "too many calibers" and other people sharing the space were objecting already.
Posting as just me, not as the forum owner. Everything I say is "in my opinion" and YMMV -- which should go for everyone without saying.
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