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For vendors who sell new stuff.
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This is for links to mainstream, long established vendors you like -- or you don't, please comment on the service you've gotten from them in the past either way. Ebay stuff goes on surplus subforum, even if they are an "official ebay store" as most of those are more or less surplus vendors who cannot get more after they run out of something -- even if what they are selling is "new".

Re: Bismuth Low Temp Shielding Alloy: Ebay Seller

Postby Doug Coulter » Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:37 pm

Lutz, just about anything on ebay is not new/mainstream, when it's gone, it's gone, usually -- often in 10 days or less. So except in rare cases, we put those on "surplus" forum as in most cases they are gone in a few days anyway, even if they were new old stock. This one is for "new, mainstream" suppliers that will likely be there next year, the year after, and so forth -- new, retail, for when some scrounge find won't do. You know, like Kurt Lesker, Digikey, Goodfellows, Matheson Tri-Gas, those kind of large commercial outfits.
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Again, I'm not ragging on you -- if you are missing the right forum this much, I'm doing something wrong. Note I put a new rules message up here.
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