What I'm all about with this

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What I'm all about with this

Postby fusordoug » Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:05 pm

For one thing, just check the main webpage, which tells a lot:
Coulter's smithing, and check the links to older pages of mine for a bit of history.

Having become fairly well off by fixing the numerous things wrong with Windows along with a very talented crew I'm grateful to call friends who worked with my consulting firm, I'm now an open source type, and good riddance to proprietary, but hey, Bill Gates, thanks for making me well off, in a funny way. If not for your failings, I'd still have to work for a living!

This forum setup is intended to be fully open source, GPL flavor insofar as that can apply. This means that yes, you can (help) establish the priority of your ideas by publishing them here, but also -- if you go and patent someone else's idea you saw here, we'll all be after you, foot, horse, and marines-- with prior art to prove it ain't yours and a certified log of it all. In other words, if someone publishes an idea here -- you can use it for personal use -- and are encouraged to, but not for money unless you cut the true originator of it in on the bucks, on their terms. For that you'll have to contact the originator of course, I'm not in that loop unless that originator is me. The board should make that process easy enough, but if in doubt, contact me.

Anything else might get you a nastygram from the best lawyer in the valley, and I'd advise against crossing that dude :?

This site is intended to become a repository of hands-on working knowledge, some of which might otherwise be "guild" or "trade" secrets, the stuff you can't find just by googling or reading some textbook. For the latter, just go there and save time for everyone.

The idea is for talented people with different specialties to help one another synthesize things they couldn't manage on their own.
Many eyes make all problems shallow, which has been proved too many times to recount. That's what this is supposed to be all about.
Why guess when you can know? Measure!
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