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Welcome to Coulter's Smithing forums

Postby fusordoug » Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:59 pm

These forums are meant to foster a community, and build up useful information for all to read and learn from. The intent is to stick primarily to practical, hands-on, experiential knowledge in most of the forums here, in other words, things that teach someone else what you know. Newbies start here and get the feel of things before posting, please. Try searching, your question may already be answered. In general, we'd prefer not to answer questions you can get a decent answer to in a minute of Googling or looking on Wikipedia -- use those first for background, this is for practical details. If your main interest here is fusors, you might want to check out The Open Source Fusor Forum which has a wealth of practical information available, and a thriving community. They have about the same ideas as I, so do use their search function first. Many of us here (and there) could, and maybe did, write the book on a number of topics, but we often don't wish to do it again just for one question and just one person, so be polite :) If you need a mentor, ask for that and you may be surprised who will answer the call -- but on email, not here. People just starting out on the fusor quest might find the Open Source Fusor forum better at first -- they seem to have enough patience to answer what amounts to the same question hundreds of times for each person asking it. Here we will just give a link to the correct material and expect you to not need too much hand-holding.

Please try to find the right category to post in -- we have put up a goodly number, and if that's not enough, try emailing me at clab@swva.net and perhaps I can suggest a good one -- or add a new one. The intent is to handle, with decent organization, all hard science and technology, but obviously it will take some time to get all fleshed out.

You can use the user control panel to put in contact info, and an avatar if you like, to make your reality as a human being more obvious to the rest of us.
I am currently allowing up to 7 pix or other attachments per post -- we will see what's needed. Your avatar has to be 90 by 90 and under 6kbytes or the board won't eat it.

We want makers here, not fakers or takers, or trolls. I will brutally throw those latter types off without any compunction. Don't blow it ;)

What's a coulter, anyway? Well, the lowercase version is the circular knife an ancestor of mine invented that cuts the turf ahead of a horse-drawn plow so the American west could be farmed and settled. All of us since have turned into engineers, or nearly all. And yes, we're of Scottish descent, funny thing, that.
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