Lutz H Available / Want List

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Lutz H Available / Want List

Postby lutzhoffman » Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:55 pm

Available For Sale / Trade:

1. High Voltage Capacitors: 35KV, 3nF Japanese Film Type (50+) Also have some new 30KV, 2.4nF Ceramic Caps.

2. 180,000V to 200,000V, 8 stage Full Wave Voltage multiplier, Caps are 30KV .001mfd, and the diodes are 2CL2FM 20KV 100-200ma (8 per stage). This unit is in the form of 3 long epoxy-glass boards (about 24") for use in oil. RFE from non-used surplus equipment, fully functional. Resistor chain output protection.

3. German Made FUG Precision HVPS, 40KV, 50ma. yes its a "bigun" Just under USPS wt. limit. Originally made for 3 Phase, but comes with the parts for single phase conversion. Unit was a spare at LLNL, with little or no use, ultra clean, with schematics pin-out etc. (1 unit) FUG is still in bus. and fully supports their products.

4. Mastsusada Precision 1.5KV / 4ma Ultra low ripple PMT Power supplies, adjustable with 24V in. (3 Units)

5. "Big" New Nd:YAG laser rod (3/8") 9mm x 125mm laser rod, with SS dual lamp cavity ends, fully AR coated.

Wanted to buy, or trade for the above:

1. High Grade U ore 10% or higher U3O8 .5 to 1Kg min quantity. (Also Wanted: Folks to combine an order with for high grade U ore from Africa, -split the order and shipping costs-.

2. DU collimator or enough DU metal to suround an experimental detector.

3. SF-6 Insulating Gas Cylinder (5Kg min, 20Kg max)

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