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DougC's have and wanted list

Postby Doug Coulter » Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:45 am

Edit: this is now out of date, a few people have bought some of this stuff. But I'm always adding more, so this isn't so bad a sample. What's hot right now is that I got a quantity of the valves I've been talking about in vacuum technique, and have them for sale, $10 each (or you can get them for that, for now, from Surplus Center, but I made sure we'd all have some).

I recently inherited a large amount of older electronic gear on which I'm currently paying rent to store. I've of course picked off the stuff I mostly want already, this is what's left, and it's going to take me awhile to get it all just listed; far too much for pictures of it all now.



Curve tracers, a 570 for tube curves and a more modern 577 for semiconductors, with some adapters.
Scopes: Two 564 storage scopes, with a ton of 2 and 3 series plugins that fit them.
Partial plugin listing (there are more than this -- it will take awhile to check all my storage):
3A6,3A75, 2-3A72, 2-3B2,3A7, 3T2, 3S2 sampler,3A1, 3A74

Scope camera with polaroid back and some film. For the round-face scope types.

A 503 scope.
3 321 portable scopes

Two semi-flakey 465's that need refurb.
Letter series plugins,
H, O, L
53/54 E
53 B

General Radio:
1310A oscillators
1210C oscillator
Unit Pulsers 1217a (and power supplies)
1206b unit amplifiers -- a couple, and power supplies.
1603A Z-Y bridge with manual
1482-G inductance standard 5mh 0.1%
1482-L inductance standard 100 mh 0.1%
1551A SPL meter, no mic
Stobotac, Strobolume
1395-a modular pulse rack with
2 prf, 4 pulse/delay, and one power amp plugins
546b Audio Microvolter

Model 415 RF/AF signal generator

KrohnHite 1200 Sweep generator

FMR Audio "really nice compressors" model RNC 1773

Hewlett Packard:

Several 350-b step attenuators
A 711-A regulated power supply (6.3 AC and tube voltages DC).
450A amplifiers, several

Allison Labs:
2AB passive LC high and low pass filter (audio ranges)

Jerrold SS300-&F RF sweeper

HH Scott:

A sound pressure level meter, and (note to self, go get the model number) an older component amp/preamp, very nice tube sound.
One of their last great tube models -- a little too compact so it needs a fan on it to run long times.


The classic tube receiver, stereo, preamp/amp. Great sound too but large (in the nice wood box).
Also, a real oldie, a 101R, an FM/AM simultaneous receiver so you could get stereo with one FM and one AM station.
I have refurbed that one and it has great sensitivity and sound quality - but no modern stereo (has the jack to add a multiplexer though).

Paradigm pro series tower speakers with powered subwoofer:

Very, very nice, but I already have tweaker grade stereos in all my buildings. These are 5' towers D'appolito config, with a large powered subwoofer.
Superb transparency and imaging from these guys. Easily able to create complaints from two neighbors over while being perfectly clean at those levels.

Ham/RF gear:

Heathkit SB-401
??? car type high power 2 meter rig
Cel phone diplexers.

Polygraph setup with nice paper plotter and sensitive preamps for EEG etc. Large and heavy, even broken down.


Lots of pounds of Linear Standard transformers. Too many numbers to list, ask me.
Some are output transformers, some are interstage. Most are new old stock.
Also some nice physically small inductors in the henry range, for filters.

Have some other random iron as well -- tube use stuff, largely.

Tube opamps, manifolds, and power supplies -- lots of everything.

I have a huge, and I mean huge vacuum tube collection going way back in time, and extremely variegated. This includes things back to the beginning of tubes,
a large number of large base (pre octal) tubes, more modern tubes of all kinds, some large transmitting tubes, CRT's and so on, including some matched sets
or large single lots of tubes as you'd find in say an older Tektronix distributed vertical amplifier chain. Basically, I can't list them all here -- I don't even have them
all into my local database yet, but there's already about 8000+ in there. Best to just contact me if you are a tube guy and want something specific, or to buy the entire lot.
The collection is somewhat slanted towards what you need to maintain the gear above (and came from the same place originally).
Some are new in box, many are tested and notated on the boxes, some are loose.

We have a large collection of physics-oriented chemicals/materials we can share in small amounts -- most of the odd metals, phosphors, electron emitters, and things like that we had
to buy in quantities larger than one outfit needs. Also deuterium at 99.999% purity at least (started out at 6 nines before xfer to smaller tanks).
Materials also include a few sizes of pyrex and Quartz tubing and cane.

Maxell High Energy capacitors:
2- 120uf, 10kv 18nh series inductance, 100ka rated per pulse.

Meade 10" reflector with computer drive and many accessories (Video, filters, eyepieces) -- all or nothing, no cherry picking on this one.

A ton of other odds and ends from the same period, too many to mention, but if they show up on your wanted list, I probably will let you know.


Edit, looks like we have a gamma spec now, but Bill still wants another one.
Gamma ray spectrometer heads and analyzers -- whatever it takes to get a system up. No cryo unless it has a closed loop cooler.

A good small optical monochromator. Nice resolution and computer interface would make me get my wallet out in a hurry.

Neutron detection tubes -- B10 or BF3 or 3He for that matter if they aren't super expensive.
Posting as just me, not as the forum owner. Everything I say is "in my opinion" and YMMV -- which should go for everyone without saying.
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