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Postby diemkae » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:52 pm

Things to make life better for software developers.
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Re: Developer Tools

Postby diemkae » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:59 pm

For Linux/Unix developer who do stuff on remote hosts with ssh, "screen" might be a handy tool, especially for long-running remote tasks (downloads, conversions, etc.).

Check this out: ... sions-open

Essentially, instead of using ssh <hostname> in a terminal window, run "screen bash" (kinda like script in that it starts another bash instance) and then do your ssh <hostname>.

To disconnect without terminating the remote session, hit CTL-A then "d":

[detached from 15365.pts-1.leno]

To list the current disconnected sessions, use "screen -list":

dmk@leno:~$ screen -list
There is a screen on:
15365.pts-1.leno (07/20/2017 11:26:36 AM) (Detached)
1 Socket in /var/run/screen/S-dmk.

The sessionID is 15365.pts-1.leno.

To reconnect to a disconnected session, use

screen -r <sessionID>

If there is only one disconnected session, "screen -r" will reconnect to it.

To terminate (instead of disconnect) a screen session, hit CTL-D , (instead of CTL-A, d).

Note that If you are in a remote ssh session, within a screen session, you need to hit CTL-D once to end the ssh session and again to end the screen session - which is indicated by:

[screen is terminating]

If you have limited [screen] real estate on which to keep multiple ssh sessions, this might be handy.
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Re: Developer Tools

Postby Doug Coulter » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:53 am

Here's another one I like. I've recently converted to "Sublime Text" as my go to editor for lots of things - it's just really good for software dev in general. Well, guess what - the arduino IDE lets you use a "real" editor, the original IDE only being used for build and upload (there's probably a way to do that in sublime text too, since it supports build scripts and so forth).
So, this avoids the many limitations of the arduino IDE as a software editor...quite nicely. Here's the link that got me started: ... -ides.html

Looks like this (lots of themes to your taste, this thing can syntax highlight just about any language - even perl).
Screenshot at 2017-09-07 11-50-15.png
Sublime Text as editor for arduino

So I can now have all the files for a project(s) open in Sublime, and do as I will. A lot of times I'm doing master-slave kinds of things - say a control gui on a pi in perl, that talks to an arduino - and this makes it easier by far to keep track of it all. In fact, the open file here is the fusor ion/gas control arduino sketch to which I'm about to add control for the main power current limit...
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