For the newbs to ask questions. Note there really isn't a question/answer section other than this. The forums in general are supposed to be practical knowledge shared by experts, not custom free tutoring for all - we simply can't do that - there aren't enough of us. So, new guys can post here and if you're good, our moderators will "promote you" to being able to post on the rest of the site. It you're a bot, totally inactive joiner, or just a luser - this is where we find that out too and say bye.
Forum rules
REAL NAMES ONLY. This is a legal attribution issue. I don't care what nick you use everywhere else. Obviously fake names will be removed immediately.
If qwerty1337 posts an idea, anyone on earth can claim to be that guy and take credit - is that what you want? Or worse - qwerty can claim it was really his idea more easily. Feel me here? This is for adults.

This is a place for newbs to find their feet. Most of this board is for answers, not questions - read the title, it's a place to share knowledge, not a custom tutoring site - we don't have resources for that, and it destroys the signal to noise ratio with almost the same questions over and over from people who won't be bothered to read first. Posts on this forum will self destruct in 20 days unless a moderator wants to keep them around (and maybe move them elsewhere here).
IF you have a suggestion for where you think we should put your post in "the book" part of the forums, put that on the first line of your post. We might read it, you never know, and if you put up a couple of good ones, we might make you a "Real" member here with full privileges. Most of this board is post-grad kind of info, not grade school. That kind of thing will mostly stay here in playpen.
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